Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Mold

OPT team specializes in multi-cavity mold more than 20 years.

Our projects that include multi-cavity molds services are supported by MoldFlow Analysis, a Viscosity Curve, a Cavity Balance Study, a pressure Window Characterization, a Gate Seal Time Study, and a Cooling Time Study.

Our engineers are masters of insert configuration and design single-cavity R&D molds with steel inserted areas. Interchangeable plates, inserts, and sub-inserts allow for more rapid design iterations at LOWER cost than creating new molds for each feature variation. SPI class 103 and 104 molds are constructed from P20 steel and aluminum with hot runners and cold runners.

The production molds for multi-cavity molds projects include high cavitation SPI Class 101 and 102 molds constructed from hardened steel. Cold, runner, hot sprue, and hot runner molds are designed with up to 96 cavities.

For your in-depth multi-cavity molds consultation, please feel free to contact us.

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