High Precision Mold

Building high precision molds is OPT's core business. With high precision machining machine and rich skilled technicians, we can build complex and high precision mold components which match the drawings, the tolerance are within +/-0.002mm" for critical area. We can supply replacement mold components with high interchangeability to customer and no need fitting at customer site.

Case show 1 : The Radial Bearing Cage mold with 38 lifters in whole circle for each cavity, the ejection action performs very smoothly and the mold run very well.

Case show 2: The Skin Pen Needle core part has 14 micro through holes with 0.18mm ID. We make 14 small core pins pilot into the sleeve pin to prevent pin broken. This tool requires very high precision machining and alignments on the tool. We ran the mold successfully without pin broken.

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