Ocean Precision Tooling Ltd. , the total solution leader.
Product Development, Mold Design, Mold Flow Analysis, Mold Making, Injection Molded Products, Product Assembly And Secondary Downstream Operations.
Customized concept
For whole processes
For special Product design
5 μm
1 million shots
Mini Cpk
SPC Dimensions
Lead Time
Quick design module
Spare parts
Value added
Short cycle time
Sprue saving
High yield
Service Process
Company Profile

Ocean Precision Tooling Ltd. is a well established company and continues to move forward as a leader within our industry. With our manufacturing standards continually improving, the skills of Ocean Precision Tooling Ltd. continues to make great leaps and bounds obtaining more mature design and build capabilities. Our manufacturing capacity continues to improve. We are proud of what we are doing.

At OPT, we value your time, products, and budget. We also utilize just-in-time and lean manufacturing for massive savings on value-added services, dramatically lowering landed costs.

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Ocean Precision Tooling Ltd.
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